A task accomplished in thirteen days by team work!

It is with great pleasure that we note that both the physical museum as well as the  eMuseum  were created in thirteen days with the dedicated contributions of over 100 individuals. There were many individuals who spent sleepless nights at a stretch, to present the nation with our proud history of computing legacy spanning over 50 years.

We especially thank the following:

  • Late Vidya Jyothi Professor V. K. Samaranayake, the great visionary and the leader,  for the monumental contributions to the  to the UCSC, university and the nation.
  • Vice Chancellor Senior Prof. Professor Chandrika N Wijeyaratne, for gracing the occasion and the continued support.
  • Mrs. Samaranayake, wife of late Vidya Jyothi Professor V. K. Samaranayake, for her blessings and presence.
  • Registrar, Bursar, Deans of faculties and Directors of the institutes, Rector – Sri Palee Campus and other administrative staff for their presence and the support.
  • Prof. K. P. Hewagamage, our Director, for providing the leadership and encouragement throughout the project.
  • Mr. Keerthi Goonatilake, former Engineer and Head of Engineering division for tirelessly collecting  and preserving the invaluable items that make this museum under the guidance of Late Vidya Jyothi Professor V. K. Samaranayake. We thank him for gracing this occasion as well. Mr Gunatilake is also greatly appreciated for initiating the  computer museum which was located  the fomer ICT Auditorium building.
  • Dr. Nandasara for contributing to the project immensely and for meticulously creating a great archival of audio visual material which you witness through physical as well as the eMuseum
  • Mrs. Girty Gamage, the former CSC coordinator , for her  presence
  • Our advisory panel – Senior Professor N.D. Kodikara, Dr. Nalin Ranasinghe and Dr. S.T Nandasara
  • Ms.Chana Samarasinghe for the architectural input for the physical museum.
  • The media team led by Dr. Samantha – Dr. Thilina, Amila, Anjalee, Ashintha, Geethika, Tharindu, Pasidu, Isuru, Hiruni, Kulani, Hamsa, and Dushani
  • Mr. Kenneth Thilakarathna for team coordination of language translation and content development of the eMuseum
  • Content development team leaders Mr. Tharindu, Ms. Amali, and Ms. Hiruni for handling the challenging task of coordination of a large number of content development team members and the team members Dasun, Lakshika, Ishani, Upul, Isuri, Nilukshini, Sithara, Kamsa, Chobodi, Maheshika, Dr. Asanka ,Dushan, Dushani, Isuru, Piyumi, Roshan, Sanduni, Kavinda, Dinuja, Lakshani, Nimali, Amali, Kokila, Anjalee,Thisarani ,Kulani , Gayani, Sanjani, Thusara, Pasindu, Rangana, Shavindra, and Ravi
  • Mr. Tharindra for the immense contribution on website design and development almost single-handedly
  • Educational space led by Dr. Enosha Hettiarachchi and the team members Piyumi, Kavinda, Isuri, Nilukshini, Kamsa, Hamsa, Thisarani, Dr. Asanka, Ishani, Dushani, Kokila, Dinuja, Maduranga, Roshan, Chabodi, Sithara, Maheshika, Sanduni, Nimali, Rangana, Dasun, Kulani, Shavindra, Lakshika, Dushan, Anjalee, Pasindu, Lakshani, Gayani, Sanjani
  • Ms. Dushani Perera for the English language review
  • Sinhala language translation team led by Dr. Randil, Mr. Viraj and  Mr. Chamila with team members from Sabaragamuwa University Ms. Nikini and Ms. Miyuri
  • Tamil translation team led by Ms. Nilukshini Rajakumar and Ms. Hamsavasini with members, Ms. Kamsa Sharma and Mr. Prasanna
  • Photogrammetry and digital reconstruction team lead by Mr. Prabash Kumarasinghe, with members Mr. Shavindra, Mr. Kavinda, Mr. Maduranga, Mr. Ashintha
  • Deputy Registrar of Engineering Division Ms. A.H Liyanage and engineering team Mr. Damitha, Mr. Sandaruwan and support staff, Mr. Danushka, Mr. Akila, Mr. Janaka, Mr. Malitha, Mr. Nalaka, Mr. Aruna, Ms. Sagarika, Mr. Oshadha and Mr. Dilanka. Their dedicated service deserves a special appreciation.
  • Dr. Jeevanie Goonatilake for support and mobilizing  and motivating junior academic staff to contribute to the project.
  • Dr. Ajantha Athukorala for support and IT infrastructure assistance for the project.
  • Deputy Bursar Mr. E.M Gunaratne and his staff at the Finance Division
  • Administration support team led by Deputy Registrar Mr. K.K.K. Dharmatilaka
  • Publicity team lead by Dr. Manju with the support of Dr. Thilina and Dr. Nalin, Dr Lasanthi and Ms Amila for designing the brochure.
  • Live video webcasting team  Dr. Thilina, Dr. Nandasara, Ashintha, Anjalee, Geethika, Hiruni, Dushani, Hasabasini, Isuru, Tharindu,
  • Mr. Upul Rathnayaka, Dr. Thilina and Mr. Kavinda for the creation of the 3D Virtual tour
  • Mr Vinura for IOT infrastructure development inside the museum
  • Ms. Renuka and Ms. Malsha and Mr Akila from the Director’s office and Mr Nishantha and Ms Sandani for the logistics support
  • Messrs Lal, Vimal, Sarath, Vishwa and Sanjeewa for the assistance
  • the security staff Messrs Gamini, Ariyasena and Ms Sriyani
  • All senior academic, administrative and support staff who directly or indirectly contributed for the project.
  • Organizing committee of the University of Colombo 100th year celebrations for their support
  • Dr. Prasad Wimalaratne for overall digital and physical museum concept design and overall project coordination.