IBM XT – Personal Computer (1983)

IBM XT - Personal Computer (1983)
  • Model: Model 5160 – PC XT
  • Manufacturer: International Business Machines (IBM)
  • Released in: March 8, 1983


  • Processor: Intel 8088
  • Speed: 4.77 MHz
  • RAM: 2 x 256K
  • ROM: 64K
  • Hard Disk: 10MB
  • Storage: 360K 5.25” Floppy drive
  • Expansion: 8 ISA slots
  • Bus: ISA
  • Video: CGA
  • I/O: Parallel, Serial, etc
  • OS: DOS 3.1


[sayit]The IBM XT (eXtended Technology) was the followed on th the wildly successful IBM PC.The IBM Personal Computer XT (model 5160, often shortened to PC XT) was released on March 8, 1983. Except for the addition of a built-in hard drive and extra expansion slots, it is very similar to the original PC. The processor was a 8088 running at 4.77MHz It was sold in basically the same box but there were numerous significant changes. Most importantly IBM sold the machines with a hard drive as a standard feature. Additional changes include the inclusion of three extra slots and the rarely used cassette port. The basic architecture of the machine was not changed. IBM did not specify an expanded form of “XT” on the machine, press releases, brochures or documentation, but some publications expanded the term as “eXtended Technology” or just “eXTended” The XT was regarded as an incremental improvement over the PC and a disappointment compared to the next-generation successor that some had anticipated. Compared to the original IBM PC, the XT has the following major differences:

    • The number of expansion slots is increased from five to eight
    • Base RAM is increased to at least 128KB
    • A 10MB hard drive is included as standard equipment
    • PC DOS 2.0 is included

Otherwise, the specifications were identical to the original PC.[/sayit]