Yamaha CD Writer

Yamaha CD Writer


  • Model Number: CRW8824SX
  • Type of Equipment: CD Recordable/ Rewritable Drive
  • Manufactured by: Yamaha corporation
  • Supported Formats: CD-DA, CD-G, CD TEXT,  CD-ROM (*1), Mixed Mode CD-ROM, (CD-ROM + CD-DA), CD-ROM XA (*1), Photo CD (*1), Video CD, CD-i, CD EXTRA


Among the several features that CRW8824SX drive possess, one that makes it more efficient is its high speed. Using CRW8824SX, CD-R/RW discs can be written/ rewritten at up to 8X speed. For example, an audio CD (74 minutes/650MB) can be created in approximately 10 minutes. Also, data reading at up to 24X speed is supported.

The drive is compatible with a wide range of discs and supports 700MB discs as well.

Besides that, Yamaha’s proprietary Pure-Phase Laser System ( a technology that reduces phase interference of the laser beam, so that it shines accurately on the disc) improves jitter values (This is a measure of recording quality. It has been improved by 25% compared with other Yamaha models not using this technology.) to allow the signal to be recorded accurately. In addition, the 4MB buffer memory and Running OPC technology (CD-R/RW discs vary by manufacturer in their recording characteristics, and the laser output required to write data differs by disc. This technology resolves this issue by automatically adjusting the output of the laser according to the material of the disc on which data is being written) enhance the reliability of the writing.

Moreover, this drive equipped with CD TEXT feature which allows to add text data to an audio CD.