Modem WS2000 (1985)

Modem WS2000 (1985)
  • Multi-speed, multi-standard modem for use with Prestel, Micronet, Telecom Gold as well as many public databases.
  • Date: February 1985
  • Manufacturer: Miracle Technology
  • Physical Description: Cardboard sleeve Polystyrene box & lid Connecting Cable Modem


The last time a modem was promoted was likely towards the end of the 1990s. Prior to at that point, there was still somewhat of a weapons contest as makers endeavoured to extract as much from acoustic innovation as possible, as preceding ADSL speeds were restricted to what the voice circuit could convey, and this had never been celebrated for its transfer speed. The main modems utilized acoustic couplers and could rush to 150-300 baud. They utilized a “quadrature” modulation which implied they could convey four pieces for each baud, giving the throughput of 2.4kbps. To place that into setting, the BBC’s landing page as toward the finish of March 2017, which tipped the scales at 1.9MB, would require 134 minutes, or a little more than two hours to download. This specific modem won the opposition for most jobs and appeared to cover pretty much every conceivable mix from 300 baud. In spite of all that, even in 1985 it was conceivable to associate with an overall organization including Prestel, Micronet, announcement sheets and even Telex. The organization won a significant retail manage Tandy, which took 500 of the organization’s WS2000, 3000 and 4000 modems to sell in its 280 UK stores.